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Up, down, turn around, please don't let me hit the ground...

...tonight I think I'll walk alone, I'll find myself as I go home

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Name:Kat Whitney
Birthdate:Jul 15
Location:London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:Darker London RPG

And you close your eyes when I say I'm breaking free.
And put your hands over both your ears,
because you cannot stand to believe I'm not
the perfect girl you thought.
Well what have I got to lose?

Thomas/Kat is Doomed Love

Call me Kat.

Or Gorgeous. Either way, you'll get my attention.

Pretend it says 'are'. Twins totally get screwed. But Mummy loves Zoe Rei and Bianca Isabelle!

And Theodore Andrew too!

Proud Member Of:
Ethereal Facade

Deirdre Rose- deirdre_ionuin Lead Vocals, Flutes
Pierre Beaudreaux- eligible_boy Lead Vocals, Guitar
Tamm Morrison- darktammquility Guitar
Kait Sommersby- juniper_berries Keyboards
Alessa De Compt- gonetoground Bass
Kat Whitney- angels_facade Drums
Carla Mannucci- caughtinafold Violin

Foxglove Icons!

Mood Theme by wall2wall

Pictures used for RPG only. This journal is not affiliated with Emilie Autumn in any way. Though I wish it was because mmmmm. darker_london

Interests (78):

alessa, angel in isolation, anna, babies everywhere!, being 21, being completely spoiled, being independent, being on key, bianca, bianca isabelle whitney-sunderland, big-dogs-named-cardinal-sin, bikers, bob the builder, chloe, christina, club tiamat, clubbing, cookiemonster's half brother, corsets, crumpets, dantes, deirdre, devonshire tea, drums, elizabeth, emilio's hands!, emma, english, entropy, ethan, ethereal facade, ex priests named peter, fishnets, growling, isabelle, kait, kali, lady of shallot, liz, lydia, mary's sexy everything, mistress yvonne, my babies!, my isa, nachos, nicu nurse glenda, no more grappa cake!, not being pregnant, not catholosicm, not cavemen, not comas, not korgie, not morning sickness, not my name, not oriental carpets, not priests, not warlord, not-stitches-in-really-uncomfortable-places, omg epidurals, peter, physical therapy, piercings, pierre, pirate wenches, renee, robert, satan's valet, siamese fighting fish, singing, stripey socks, thomas and spectre giggling, thomas's sexy everything, uncle spectre, writing obscene lyrics, yadayadayadablahpoojesus, yoyomofo, yvonne, zoe rei whitney-sunderland
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